Club Ninjas

What is a Club Ninja?

Each month, we choose someone on The Club to reward for their contributions and participation.

Our monthly ninjas are chosen based on a number of categories:

  • The posts they write on The Club
  • Their replies to other peoples posts on The Club
  • The likes they have received
  • The likes they have given
  • Their overall participation (numbers aren’t everything after all)

At the end of the year, we also pick a Ninja of The Year. The Ninja of The Year is someone who has been active on The Club throughout the year and a regular helpful face there.

How do I become a Ninja?

You can become a Club Ninja by:

  • Posting regularly on The Club
  • Replying to posts
  • Liking posts from others
  • Generally being an active member of the forum

Who are the Club Ninjas?

We've been nominating ninjas since November 2017! You can see all of our monthly ninjas with their chosen prizes in our Club thread of ninjas.

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