How to complete a learning pathway


By Mark Winteringham

updated 9 months ago

At Ministry of Testing when it comes to online learning, we do things a little differently. Our goal is to create an online learning experience that has you taking part in your learning. Rather than watching a video, that you forget an hour later.

To help you get started in taking part. This guide breaks down the features you will use to complete lessons, courses and ultimately your learning pathway.

The learning pathway progress tracker explained

A learning pathway is made up of multiple courses that each contain multiple lessons. In this guide, we'll look at how you can use the pathway progress tracker to navigate between courses and track progress. You can learn about completing Lessons and courses here.

The learning pathway progress tracker can be found above the course lesson details as shown in the image below:

1. Tracking progress

For each course in the pathway you'll see a percentage of the course completed. Once the course is completed it will be marked green.

2. Navigating courses

Whilst we would always advise you take the courses in the order we've curated them for you, you might need to move around from course to course. To select a course, simply click on the course title in the progress tracker to be taken to the next lesson that needs completing in the course you selected.

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