Ways To Improve Your Article Before Submission

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To improve your article before submitting to us, consider the 3 methods below:


Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Where am I unsure about the wording or intent? If I’m not clear, the reader will be confused.
  2. Have I not told the reader something they needed to know?
  3. Have I been consistent in tone?
  4. Have I repeated myself or bombarded the reader with clutter?

Peer Review/Feedback

Send your article to colleagues, friends, and family (and ideally to a target reader) for feedback because it can:

  • Give you a new perspective on your topic
  • Help clarify your thoughts and ideas
  • Help you identify missing or incomplete information

Article Vs Blog

Check that your piece of writing is an article, rather than a blog. While blog posts have their place, MoT is looking for content that is written and structured in a more formalised way. Below are some indicators of whether you have an article or a blog.

It might be an article if:

  • The content has a distinct structure.
    • Sections have subheaders.
    • Has a consistent idea or presents ideas to the reader in an organised manner.
  • The content has a balanced viewpoint and is less opinionated. Mostly stays away from the first person narrative perspective.
  • The content is mindful of the narrative perspective. Remains in the second person or in the third person.
  • The content has a distinct audience. A reader can instantly decide if the content is for them or not.
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