Ministry Of Testing Article Publishing Policy

The quality of the content on our site is of great importance to us here at Ministry of Testing. Every single article goes through a rigorous editorial review process, with several rounds of editing and refinement, before being published. We work closely with our authors, who are active testers, and support them to write articles on topics that they are knowledgeable about and passionate about. We never let our sponsors or advertisers influence our content or the editing review process.

The community is at the heart of everything we do and we’re committed to producing honest, unique, practical and passionate software testing articles that everybody will benefit from. We continue to publish articles because we love to learn, and love sharing what we learn from our authors. We love discovering unique points of view, novel testing strategies, as well as understanding how testers solve difficult testing problems.

The principles listed below are followed for all articles published on the MoT site:

  • MoT doesn’t influence the thoughts or opinions of our authors and we don’t force them to edit their work to fit our interests.
  • All authors of published articles and editors get paid for their work.   
  • MoT’s content is based on the expertise of our authors and is made with the best interests of the testing community at heart.   
  • MoT is happy to receive constructive criticism and suggestions from the community, but we won’t give favours in return for them.   
  • Articles published on the MoT site may be published in an MoT eBook but only with the author’s consent. All authors and editors of eBooks are credited.   
  • MoT articles have no hidden advertisements. Invited company representatives have written articles, but their products are never promoted within our content.  
  • Links in the MoT site articles are not for sale. We never place links as favours to companies or third parties. The only place you’ll find links to individuals, companies or products is in an author’s Bio section.   
  • MoT will never intentionally infringe on the rights of any third party. If third party permission is required, the author will obtain documented permission from the copyright holder. We respect the rights of our authors and double-check all materials that are published.  
  • Articles published with cited or reference material will have granted permission from the original author
  • All articles submitted to MoT need to be original and not previously published in another professional or personal publication or blog. MoT requires the first right of refusal and will copyright all works selected for publication.
  • Authors are responsible for the accuracy, integrity and originality of their work.
  • Any article exhibiting substantive AI-generated content during the editing process will be considered plagiarised, a breach of these terms, and removed from our publishing pipeline to uphold reader trust.
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