Contribute FAQs


By Mark Winteringham

updated 6 months ago

I am interested in learning about X, do you have content on this topic?

All content on The Dojo is in the catalog and organised into topics and series. You can search the catalog using keywords in the search field. If you can’t find any content on a testing topic of interest please let us know and we’ll do what we can to design, make and get that content on The Dojo.

I am trying to do X, do you know of any tools or resources that can help me with this?

We have a very handy list of tools and resources on our Resources page. In addition, you can try talking to the awesome MoT Community by adding a topic or replying to a relevant topic on The Club. Or by writing a message on one of our Slack channels. Alternatively, you can ask the Ministry of Testing team by emailing us on

Why can’t I access X bit of content?

Some content on The Dojo is for MoT members only and to access this you will need to sign up for Club or Pro Membership. Club Membership gives you access to select members-only content and The Club forum, and Pro Membership gives you access to ALL the things!

Can I submit an article to The Dojo?

Yes! You can read more about the advantages of becoming a MoT author in our writers' page and we’ve even written a writer’s guide to help you create an article outline, draft article and submit it to us.

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