What is MyMoT?

What is MyMoT?

MyMoT is your personal space in which your activities within the Ministry of Testing community can be administrated and tracked. Depending on what your membership level is and how you engage with Ministry of Testing will determine what features are available for you to work with.

What can you do with MyMoT?

At the moment you can use MyMoT to access a range of features such as:

My Profile

Your profile section gives you the ability to share details about yourself. You have the ability to add a short bio and job title, details of where you live as well as links to any social media platforms or blogs you share. You can also upload an image of yourself that will be added to any content you share or events you get involved in.

My Account

My account handles all the administrative features of your account such as name, email and password settings. Here you can also administrate your membership settings, such as keeping track of your membership if you're Pro and updating any billing details.


If you submitted a talk or similar via our Continuous Call For Papers for an upcoming event, you can view your proposal here along with any feedback you've received from the community.

Learning History

Your learning journey with Ministry of Testing can be viewed as well. Here you can view all the articles you've read, webinars viewed, courses taken and so much more.


If you are a Pro Team admin, you have the ability to view and manage who is in your Pro team. This can all be administrated via the Teams section.

Team Activity

Additionally, as a Pro Team admin, you have the ability to view the learning history of each of your Pro Team members. Each of your added team members will appear in this section which you can click on to dig deeper into their learning history.

Pro Company

If you are the owner of a Pro Company, you have the ability to update your Pro Company listing, which you can do via this section. This will take you to a form that contains all your Pro Company details that you can complete and submit for approval by MoT.


We're actively working on MyMoT, so if you have any feedback or features please feel to let us know via our feedback form.

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