Want To Speak At TestBash?

Whether you are a new or experienced speaker, you’ll have an awesome experience speaking at TestBash! We work hard to make sure our speakers can focus on the job at hand and give the best talk possible to our wonderful TestBash community.

Reason to speak at TestBash

  • We say NO to pay-to-speak! No matter where you are in the world, we’ll cover your travel and accommodation when you speak at TestBash. Find out more details by reading our Speaker Policy.
  • Be paid for your time. We value the work you do to contribute to TestBash and the wider testing community. That's why we reward all our speakers and hosts financially.
  • Learn from the best. Whether it's your first time speaking or running a workshop, or you've got some experience. We're here to help you. Our MoT team consists of expert speakers and teachers that will help you create the best talks, workshops and activities you can. Through detailed guides, one-to-one sessions and cohorts. All for free!
  • You’ll feel welcome and safe at TestBash. Our community is the most welcoming out there! There’s no better crowd to be talking to. Furthermore, we take your wellbeing seriously, our Code of Conduct is enforced and must be abided by at all our events.
  • You’ll feel supported as a speaker at TestBash. Ministry of Testing's staff are here to support you and make sure you have all the things you need running up to, on the day of and after TestBash. We’ve tried to answer all the things, but if you’ve got a question... just ask!
  • Get your name out there. Many of our previous speakers have shared how speaking at TestBash has opened doors for them and presented them with new opportunities. Don't believe us? Look at BossBoss who started his journey with a 99 second talk all the way back in 2013!

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