Firstly, a big thank you from Ministry of Testing and from all our Pro members for deciding to deliver a 99-minute workshop. We're excited to see your contribution and are here to help you deliver the best workshop you can.

With that in mind, this guide provides you with everything you need from forming your workshop idea and submitting it to planning and delivering your workshop. To help you with this process we've broken it down into smaller digestible sections for you to progress through that will lead you to your workshop's debut!

Remind me again, what are 99-minute workshops?

Our new 99-minute workshops are completely online workshops that are no more than two hours in length. These will be done live, available exclusively to Pro members, with a maximum of 100 attendees. A rough format for these could be 30 mins total talking with 3-4 activities weaved in for attendees to complete. The awesome MoT team will be around to support you in the creation of your workshop. We’ll also provide all the online platforms/software for you to deliver your workshop. Our plan is for instructors to run the same workshops four times throughout a calendar year. 

We see this as a great way to earn a passive income, help MoT boost what Pro membership offers, and also offer a different learning experience to the community.

  1. Submitting your workshop
  2. Planning your workshop
  3. Presenting your workshop

Frequently asked questions

I'm worried about the IP of my workshop? Who will own this workshop?

Your workshop is your IP. The ideas, slides and lesson material are yours. We may, however, take photos or share pieces of your content across our platform or social channels. If this is an issue though we are happy to discuss it with you. Our goal is to create and promote a space for you to share your knowledge and skills.

Are the Workshops Recorded?

99-minute workshops are 100% live events so we don't share recordings of the workshop after the event.

Can I break attendees out into smaller groups?

Our tool of choice for broadcasting workshops is Crowdcast which unfortunately doesn't offer the option of break out rooms. There are other options available that can be side by side with Crowdcast but these come with risks that should be planned for. Our recommendation is to plan for your workshop to work with a larger group. 

This might not be what you are hoping for but fortunately, we are expert workshop planners here at Ministry of Testing and can support you in preparing your workshop. You can find out more details on how to plan your workshop here: Planning your workshop