How to write a Club post

  1. Sign into
  2. In the top right-hand side of your screen, you will see a button with the text "New Topic". Click that button.Image shows a plus icon on the left with the text New Topic to the right of the icon
  3. When you click that button, the new topic window will open Image shows a long, narrow text entry field at the top for typing a title. Below that there are two select fields, one for category and one for optional tags. Below these there is a large rectangular text entry field showing where the user can type the body of their text. Under that large text entry field there is a Create Topic button and a Cancel button
  4. It's important to give your topic a good, descriptive title. This helps people who are scrolling through topics to know if they could help or if it will help them. It cannot be empty and must be at least 15 characters long.
  5. The next step is to choose a category for your post. This also helps people to find your post more easily, you can see the full list of categories on the categories page.
  6. You can also add tags to your post to help people discover it. Maybe you want to communicate the value of a new tool, in that case, you would select Tools as the category and add a communication tag.
  7. Finally, we’re at the body of your question. Here is where you get to flesh out your reasons for asking the question or the context surrounding it.
    1. Maybe you just read a blog post and you want to open a discussion about it, include the link to the blog post so people can read it too. Don’t just post a link to the blog post though, expand it a bit: what did you find interesting about it? What do you want to discuss about it? You don’t have to write walls of text here, again, if you make a mistake you can update the question.
    2. Maybe you've got a question about something you're working on in work. It’s pretty hard for people to answer single line posts/questions so add as much context as you can here, it gives you a better chance of getting an answer.
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