Ministry Of Testing Article Editing Policy

So you know what to expect if your article submission is successful, below is a description of our editorial process.

Read on for text and visual descriptions of our process:

  1. Article or outline submitted - You submit an article to us
  2. Submission review - We review your article outline or draft, and if we like it, we’ll send you a publishing agreement by email, including our publishing policy and deadlines we expect you to meet
  3. Article development editing - The first phase of editing focuses on improving the article’s structure and clarifying details. We will add comments and questions for you to resolve before we move forward
  4. Copyediting - The second phase focuses on improving the grammar and spelling of the article. We will perform these edits ourselves and then send the final article to you for approval
  5. Approve final article - You will review the final article and let us know if you’re happy to see it published
  6. Publication - We will publish the article

If you have questions about our standards and how they are applied to your article or draft. Please contact us via:

Initial Review Of Submissions

To submit an article or draft for review, use our articles submission form. After your article has been submitted, our editors will conduct an initial review.

During this review, we evaluate your submission with the following queries:

  • What is the topic you want to cover?
  • Is the structure of your article clear?
  • Is this something our community wants to learn about?
  • Is your article an original piece of work: for example, do we have existing content on the proposed topic?

Our editors will note any feedback they have for you and give their opinion on whether or not to accept your submission. We will provide you with feedback on your submission no matter what the decision is. If we accept the piece, we will include a publishing agreement for your consideration. If we decline to publish, we will invite you to respond to feedback and submit a revision.

You can get more advice on how to improve your chances of getting a publishing agreement by reviewing our Writer’s Guide.

Accepting Your Publishing Offer

If you’re successful, you will be sent a publishing offer that will contain:

  • The feedback that we will ask you to address in your article
  • A deadline for your first draft (if an outline is sent)
  • A deadline for your final approved article
  • A list of payment options from which you can choose
  • Our publishing policy

You’ll be asked to agree that you will address feedback, accept our deadlines and publishing policy, and let us know how you would like to be paid. After you’ve accepted the offer, we can begin editing.

First Editing Phase: Substantive Edits

Our editors will begin substantive or developmental edits after you submit your first draft of your article. If you initially submitted a draft article, we will move to this phase of editing after you’ve accepted your offer. If not, you will need to submit your draft article before your agreed deadline.

During this editing phase, we will be performing tasks like:

  • Reviewing the structure of your article
  • Asking you to clarify unclear points
  • Support claims that you’ve made

Edits during this phase will result in comments that you will be asked to resolve by updating your article. After your comments have been resolved and both you and the editor are happy, the article moves to the next copyedit phase.

Second Editing Phase: Copyedit

The next phase of editing focuses on making changes to grammar, spelling, formatting, and syntax. To help speed up the editing process, your editor will make all the necessary changes to your article and then submit a final edited article for you to review. 

To ensure you have full information on what you’re being asked to approve, we will provide a traceable history of the edits we’ve made for you to review. If you’re happy with the final edited article, we can progress to publication. If not, we’ll work with you to resolve outstanding issues.

Final Steps To Publication

With edits on your article complete, we will begin the publishing process. We will order artwork, load your article into our platform, and arrange opportunities to share your article. 

After your article is published, the process is complete, and you can invoice us for payment.

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