What Speakers Need To Know

If you are speaking or considering speaking at a TestBash, our software testing conference, here are the answers to all the questions you could ever need to know!

Contributing To TestBash Conferences

How do I get to speak at a TestBash?

To speak at a TestBash you need to submit an abstract and have it reviewed by the community via our review system. You can submit your abstract when a call for papers is open for each of our events. You can learn more about what call for papers are currently open via our Contribute page. If you need help with creating an abstract, check out our guides on creating a successful abstract.

What will I be asked to contribute to a TestBash conference?

What you are asked to contribute will depend on whether you're submitting to an online or in-person conference. Read on to learn about each:

TestBash Online

  • A pre-recorded talk (Between 20 - 30 minutes depending on schedule)
  • Attendance at the event to introduce your talk and answer questions afterwards

Alternatively, if we've invited you to attend a discussion or ask me anything during the event we may just require your attendance at that online event.

TestBash UK (In person)

  • A prepared talk
  • A 99 Minute Workshop that is facilitated by you
  • A 30 minute activity that is facilitated by you

The talk, workshop and activity will all be themed around the abstract that you submitted. We'll work with you to help you create your workshop and activity if you are invited to speak.

What We Offer Speakers

Do you cover expenses, what for and how much?

We currently cover all travel and accommodation, this is not limited, we ask speakers to be reasonable. We currently don’t cover food, but it is something we’re currently exploring. Full details are available in our speaker policy.

Will you book the travel and hotels or do they need to do it?

We’ll do whatever is beneficial for the speaker. We find some prefer to do it themselves and claim back, but we know that is a blocker to others, so in those cases, we’re more than happy to book it for them.

Do you pay speakers for their contribution?

Yes, we do. What we pay depends on whether you're contributing to an online or in-person TestBash.

  • In-person conferences: £500
  • Online conferences: £150

In addition to this, we cover expenses for travel and accommodation as outlined by our speakers expense policy.

Will there be a speaker's dinner or socialising events?

We don’t do speaker dinners. Instead, before and after each TestBash event there are a whole host of meetups! There is always a pre/post meetup and then sometimes additional ones such as a running meetup, and a breakfast meetup the day after the conference. We also offer a LeanCoffee session before each TestBash conference day.

Will there be childcare?

We've experimented with having childcare at previous TestBashes but due to the high cost of professional childcare, we are unable to offer childcare.

What else are you offering speakers?

By speaking at a TestBash you have the opportunity to

  • Share your stories and experiences with hundreds of individuals
  • Raise awareness of you and your profile
  • Be taught by expert educators and industry speakers to deliver the best talks and workshops possible
  • Go to a TestBash and meet amazing people!

Preparing for TestBash

What is the vision of this conference?

The motto of Ministry of Testing (MoT) is ‘Co-Creating Smarter Testers’. TestBash really is a partnership, we run all our conferences in collaboration with community members and pride ourselves on really connecting with the software testing community. We listen to the community’s wants and needs and use this to guide us.

We have big goals and strong ethics for our TestBash events; we want them to be valuable, engaging, brimming with learning opportunities, fun, and a safe place for everyone in the community to learn and grow together. We don’t do sponsored talks at TestBash. We don’t do a sponsor’s expo at TestBash. You’ll be at the centre of everything we do!

What sets it apart from other conferences?

There’s no software testing conference quite like TestBash! From the warm, friendly community who attend to the quirky, intimate venues. We think you’ll feel right at home as soon as you arrive!

TestBash conferences are designed to help you connect and learn in the ways that work best for you. We run our events with bold and innovative ways to learn and bring a balance of topics covering all the important aspects of software testing, quality and working in software development.

Who else will be speaking?

All the speakers at a TestBash event are announced at the same time, so you’ll be able to see those once the event is live.

Who are the sponsors?

All the sponsors of the event are added to the event page. We also share them via our social media channels.

What sectors do attendees work in?

We don’t collect this information, but everyone who attends TestBash will be doing so because they’re interested in software testing, software quality, and software development.

What are attendee's experiences of the topics that speakers are covering?

TestBash welcomes all who wish to attend, this means our audience is diverse. We get attendees from all over the world, with different experiences and at different stages in their careers. We think this diversity in experience adds great value to TestBash.

We try and make TestBash as inclusive as possible, we do this in a number of ways including running a scholarship programme to support individuals who love to come, but for one reason or another can’t attend.

Can speakers use their own laptops?

Our online events currently use the event platform Hopin, which will mean you require a laptop or desktop to access the event.

For our in-person conferences, we do our best to give you the option to use your own machines. However, sometimes we are restricted to what the venue can offer us. We don’t ask for slides in advance, we ask for them about an hour before if we have to use a central machine… we all make those last-minute tweaks! These circumstances have only happened at one TestBash thus far. But if you want to keep editing in the minutes before your talk, go for it!

What projector connectors will the in-person conference provide?

The majority of the projectors at our venues these days are HDMI, so we’ll have a bag full of adapters to hand for those that don’t have an HDMI connection. Including USB-C!

What are the aspect ratio and resolution of the projector for in-person conferences?

It varies from venue to venue. We’ll share this information with selected speakers for individual events.

What power cables will in-person conferences provide?

We will make sure that we have a range of adaptors for international plugs and double-check our speakers requirements for all future TestBashes.

Will a remote slide changer be provided for in-person conferences?

Yes, for those speakers who don’t have their own, one will be provided. It’s a nice one, a Logitech R700.

Will there be an additional screen for in-person conferences that only speakers can see and what will they see on it?

We can’t guarantee this, unfortunately, but it’s something we try to offer at every venue. However, as mentioned, at the majority of venues speakers use their own laptops so you can have your notes on your laptop.

Should video be embedded in the presentation or provided as a separate file?

For in-person conferences, videos should be embedded into the presentation. For online conferences the talks should be pre-recorded. Meaning you have the option to add whatever content you like in (As long as it doesn't break the code of conduct).

If you have audio in your talk during an in-person conference, we ask you to let us know so we can prep the sound guy.

Do you have a slide template?

We don't have a slide template. We like to allow our speakers the freedom to use a template they are comfortable with.

Can I display my company logo on my slides?

You are welcome to display your company logo on your "About Me" slide. However, we do ask that this is the only place you display your company logo.

Will speakers need to use a microphone?

For in-person conference talks, yes, lapel mics with battery packs are the norm at our venues, however, we also have handhelds if the speakers prefer that. If you opt for the lapel mic you’ll need a belt, waistband or a pocket for the pack. This is something we let speakers know in advance, so they can dress appropriately as per their preference.

Do you film the talks at in-person conferences?

All talks at in-person conferences are recorded and added to the Ministry of Testing Dojo. The majority of the talks will only be viewable to our Pro members, and some will be made free. Speakers are informed that the talks are recorded at the time of being invited to speak, in accepting the invitation, you agree to be recorded.

You can also walk around the stage if you wish, the camera will follow you!

Will speakers be introduced or will they introduce themselves?

The TestBash host will introduce you and there are many TestBash helpers who will make sure you are where you need to be when it's your speaking slot.

Is there any other equipment provided?

Whether you are speaking at an in-person conference or recording a talk for an online one. If you have any specific needs for your talk, just ask and we'll do our best to make this happen. For all workshops, we ask you in advance what you need and provide the materials on the day.

How are in-person conference rooms set up?

All the conference venues are theatre-style. For workshops and tutorials, the speakers are asked what they prefer.

How big might the audience be?

Our conferences vary from 150-400 attendees. Workshops will be capped at an agreed number with the speaker(s).

What time are the speakers on?

The schedule is shared with speakers before we make it public. This is so we can do our best to accommodate each speaker's wishes.

How will timekeeping be done?

Will there be a timer on the stage?

We don’t offer a timer on the stage, but as mentioned speakers will have their laptops with them.

Will there be someone holding up signs with 10, 5, 3, 2, 1 minutes to go?

We ask the speaker which signs they’d like to see, and we have someone in the speakers eyeline showing them.

Will there be lights indicating time to get off the stage?

There will be no lights. Our host will come back on the stage when your time is up and they will take questions from the audience (time-permitting) and guide you off the stage when you are done.

At the venue

Getting set up

What room will I need to be in and how do I find it?

At in-person conferences, all speakers will be in the main auditorium. For workshops, you’ll be shown the room by a member of the team, to ensure it has everything you were expecting.

What is the lineup of the conference?

The lineup of the conference would be on the event page. Plus a printed schedule will be given to the attendees on the day.

What food will be provided?

Does food meet dietary requirements?

We ask the speakers to register for the conference using our booking system and during that process, they are asked if they have any dietary requirements.

Where can speakers get (good) coffee nearby?

If the coffee at the venue is deemed to be substandard, we’ll do our best to get some better coffee for speakers.

Is there an internet connection available at in-person conferences?

Is there wifi and what is the password?

WiFi details are shared by our host at the start of each TestBash. For workshops, the wifi details will be made available in the room.

Is there a speakers' only wifi and what is the password?


Is there a wired internet connection available on stage?


Are there any quiet spaces?

Is there a space to work in/prepare for talks? (if yes, where is it?)

Yes, the organising team will let you know where this is.

Accommodation and venue info

How can I get to the hotel from airports/train stations?

We offer local advice to all speakers and suggest the nearest hotels.

What is the easiest route to the venue?

Again, we’ll offer each speaker advice.

Are there any preferred cab firms?

The majority of venues are in central places in major towns, so we encourage speakers to check with their hotels. If staying in apartments we’d be available to offer such information.

Will there be a transfer from the airport/train station to the hotel and back?

Do you provide a car to pick people up?

We don’t offer such a service.

Will someone from the organisers be at the airport to welcome speakers?

No, we don’t do this. If a speaker indicated they wanted us to, we would look to make some arrangements.

How long is the journey from the airport and what does it cost?

It varies depending on which TestBash. But again we offer speakers advice on their travel arrangements.

Source: Many thanks to Emily Webber who collected questions of conference speaker’s needs created from experienced speakers. We used that fantastic resources to create this one.

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