Why Learn With Ministry of Testing?

Here at MoT, we're offering you a new, more effective way to learn practical skills and knowledge that will enhance your testing and help you overcome your personal and working challenges. We’re working towards every webinar, training session, course, activity and learning resource on our platform being designed to meet these five principles of effective learning:

1. Learning Will Be Active and Learner-Centred:

We collaborate closely with industry experts from around the world to create content that is focussed on encouraging active learning experiences. Rather than passively watching long lectures, we coach our content creators to design content and activities around learning outcomes where you can apply and develop your new knowledge and skills straightaway.

If you didn’t know, learning outcomes are specific, measurable goals that state what you'll be able to do after completing a piece of content. Well-designed activities are then set to help you meet those outcomes with opportunities for self-reflection and discussions with other testers on The Club forum. In a nutshell, this means our content is focussed on helping you actively achieve your goals.

2. Learning Will Be Visible:

One way to enhance learning is for the learning to be visible; where you know where you are, what's up next and how far you have come. You can keep track of your learning progress by viewing progress bars on summary pages for courses and learning pathways.

Our outcome-based content helps you recognise all that you have learnt by providing opportunities for you to put your learning into practise through completing activities and reflecting on what you've learnt.

Not only that, we're currently developing features that will allow you to celebrate and share your learning achievements with others. And, soon you'll be able to gather and organise your learning as well so you have a clear view of your progress.

3. Learning Will Be Authentic and Practical:

This is an important one, not only will you be able to put your learning into practise but you’ll do so with real-world application. This helps create meaningful learning which is key as when learning has little meaning or relevance to you it's quickly forgotten.

All our content aims to provide authentic contexts that reflect the way the knowledge and skills are used in real life. Our content creators make use of a variety of authentic delivery methods such as storytelling, demonstrating, modelling, case studies and scenarios that help create meaningful experiences. Authentic activities are then set to allow you to solve real-world problems as well as reflection tasks to help you recognise how your learnings apply to your context.

4. Learning Will Be Enhanced Through Community Interaction:

We learn best when we share and discuss our thoughts and ideas with others. This helps us understand different perspectives which can fill in gaps in our own knowledge. That’s why we create lots of opportunities for learners to make use of The Club forum by setting forum challenges and activities.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable being social and you can still get great value from reading the comments of others. Reading other members’ comments can give you a better feel for a topic and when you’re ready you can add your own. By adding your own comments, you help others as they gain insight into your unique perspective or they can gain confidence that they’re not alone when experiencing similar things to you.

If you read a comment that was particularly helpful to you, you can give it a ♡ to show your appreciation. This also helps other members as they will be able to easily identify useful comments that will aid them in their learning journey. From this, you will build and extend your personal learning network and contribute to the whole MoT community learning together.

5. Learning Will Be Flexible and Autonomous:

This means you’re in charge of your learning and are free to choose what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. Our search has been improved with filters that help you select what type of content suits your needs. And, we have created popular Topic Pages such as Automation, Security, Agile and Leadership with filter tabs to further help you find the content that works for you.

With MoT you won’t be forced to complete every lesson, every resource and every activity before you can move on to more relevant material. You can jump about courses and pathways, picking and choosing the parts that are applicable to you.

This autonomy doesn’t mean you’re on your own though, you can still also learn through social interaction on The Club and get support from content creators, the community and the MoT team when you need it. And, if want, you can follow expertly curated learning pathways that take you from A to B or take advantage of the content we suggest to you.

In the future, you’ll be able to bookmark and organise content into your own pathways to complete and share with others.

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