Writer's Guide

So you want to write an article with MoT? That’s very exciting! What a great decision. We’re excited about creating articles with you too.

It’s important to remember, article writing is not easy. It takes a lot of time, work and commitment to get from a topic idea to an article outline, to a first draft, and to the final published article. It’s often difficult to get started, and even harder to get the structure and tone right. That’s why we have written this MoT Writer’s Guide. This guide will help you throughout the article writing process: from determining exactly what you want to say, to submitting your article to us.


Use the contents list below to navigate to pages of interest.

  1. Finding A Topic To Write About
  2. Finding Your Topic Angle
  3. Creating An Article Outline
  4. Structuring Your Article
  5. Ways To Improve Your Article Before Submission
  6. How To Submit Your Article Outline Or Article
  7. What Do I Earn?
  8. Disclosures And Conflicting Interests
  9. Invoicing MoT For Your Article
  10. Publishing Policy
  11. Editing Policy

Key Points

  • We are obsessed with clarity and the layout of content: Your article must have a clear introduction, as well as clear headings, subheadings, and lists that break up content to help readers navigate through your article. Readers are strapped for time and should be able to figure out what your article is about from just a glance.
  • Your article should be original: We all want to publish unique, interesting and thought-provoking content. The best way to do that is for you to write from your own perspective and experience. Try not to repeat ideas and arguments that are frequently discussed in the Testing Community. Consider writing about your current challenges, breakthroughs, grievances, strategies and ‘oh yeah!’ moments.
  • Your article should contain practical takeaways: The more practical your content is the better! Readers don’t only want to gain new knowledge and ideas, but also how to implement them in practice. Share your expertise, the mistakes you have made, the things you have learned and the things you wish you had known sooner!
  • Make your article as comprehensive as possible: Our brains like completeness. Ask yourself whether you have covered all the key issues around your topic that readers may think about? Can you anticipate any specific questions that might be asked? Make sure you cover all key issues and answer all likely questions in your article: we’ll then have satisfied readers.
  • Make sure you justify your opinions: When sharing your own opinions or assertions, remember to justify them and/or provide links to resources backing your claims. You should also provide opposing opinions, even if you don’t agree with them, to provide balance. This allows the community to have meaningful discussions around your article, which leads to community growth.
  • Consider your audience: MoT has a global audience, so try and include examples and references from all around the world, not just your own country. Having said this, it’s impossible for your article to be for everyone! Knowing your target reader and reaching out to them is important. You can do this by having a clear and specific title, opening lead paragraph, headers, and subheaders.

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